Addicted to trousers

Image It is starting to get a bit ridiculous, my obsession with Margaret Howell clothes.

My lovely husband has generously bought me jumpers, t-shirts, jeans and night shirts from the label, but the thing that I can’t stop buying is trousers, specifically grey woollen trousers (although I have other pairs too).

I have five pairs in grey, some styles are double ups and quite frankly have had to put a stop to this habit. The cut, the fabric, the fact that they are lined to the knees, all make these so irresistable to wear.  I sling on a t-shirt and trainers when wanting to go “casual” or a shirt and my pair of trusted Church’s brogues when going “dressy”.

All of the clothes at Margaret Howell are beautiful.  Simple, androgynous, beautifully made, right up my street.  Don’t even get me started on the homewares…


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