I am a robot

robotThis little thing encompasses two of my favourite things. I love robots (especially this one) and I love receiving post.

Rather pathetically, I look forward to our post arriving at lunchtime on a daily basis.  Here in France our post lady drives up to our house in her little yellow van, if the windows are closed, she places our post behind a shutter in the kitchen, if the windows are open, she throws it onto the kitchen floor.  Sometimes the post feels like a really connection to our old life in London.

Dicky-Bird make the most amazing cards, really cute.  Take a look their website http://dicky-bird.co.uk/. Our lovely friends Pete and Mikkel sent our son Stan the zoo card for his 3rd birthday.  They have the most incredible taste and so I couldn’t help  myself, I had to see what else the maker of the card had to offer.  I was not disappointed.

Writing cards and letters might seem old-fashioned but I like to do it, and I like to receive them too, a lot!


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